The Art of Resume Writing: How to write a resume that stands out among job application

resume writing
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Article Objective: This article is written to give you the details of resume writing, types of resume template, resume format; resume document types, online free resume builder websites and more…

Table of content

  • Resume Writing – Introduction
  • Resume Template Types
  • Free resume building / Template downloader Websites
  • How to write a resume in seven simple steps
  • Resume formats
  • Other important things to consider
  • Resume writing checklist

Resume Writing – Introduction

Resume or CV a simple document that explains your professional biography to the hiring manager for the job you applied. A well-designed resume is the initial deciding factor whether your candidacy to move further. Therefore, a resume/CV should be well written based on the job profile and customized as per the requirements of the employer. 

Before delving into the details of resume writing you should know the various factors must know about writing a resume that would necessarily guide you to craft an appropriate resume.

Types of Resume Template Samples

Well, you choose to write a resume! The target is to demonstrate your candidacy as a vibrant talent into the eyes recruiter’s point. Every aspect you carry out with the resume adds value. It starts with picking up an appropriate resume template. You will find plenty of resume templates online. Here we show you the 4 best types of resume template samples that will most suitable to write your resume.

  1. Professional resume template
  2. Modern resume template
  3. Creative resume template
  4. Traditional resume template

Modern resume template

Modern - Resume Template

Professional resume template

Creative resume template

Traditional Resume Template Sample

You can also find more following resume templates that are available online. The subsequent section, “Free resume builder websites” will help you to construct the best resume based on your requirements.

  • Basic resume template
  • Blueprint resume template
  • Bold resume template
  • Clean resume template
  • Contrast resume template
  • Corporate resume template
  • Elegant resume template
  • Emphasized resume template
  • Executive resume template
  • Fresh graduate resume template
  • Functional resume template
  • Iconic resume template
  • Infographic resume template
  • Managerial resume template
  • Minimalist resume template
  • Pacific resume template
  • Perfect resume template
  • Plain and Trendy resume template
  • Premium resume template
  • Refined resume template
  • Simple resume template
  • Sleek resume template
  • Spic and Span resume template.
  • Standout resume template
  • Two-column resume template
  • Unique resume template.

Free resume builder websites

There is absolutely no cost, and writing your professional resume is easy to start and finish. To create the perfect resume, using free online resume builder is a perfect option. is a 100% free resume builder website where you can design, develop, share and print a resumes in minutes

resume builder websites


The library at live career contains a wide range of resume templates which includes traditional, model, creative and professional with free service. You’re your splendid resume with livecareer at the top of the recognizable stack

resume builder websites

3. builds resumes from the perspective of recruiters and delivers a profitable resume. As a result, when you use on-line resume builder, you make out you are giving employer exactly what they want.

resume builder websites


Resume genius is one another free resume builder tool to choose the best template from its pile of resume template samples. The website library consists of various designs ranging almost every types of template to meet job seeker’s needs. with more than 150 special, trendy and expert fashioned resumes is on hand for free of charge. New designs have been launching whilst taking care of your resume appearance. It has hassle free MS Word configuration that take your resume to the reach faster to the focused recruiter.

resume builder websites

Seven (7) simple steps of resume writing

Resume writing made simple in following steps. Checkout below the image which exactly indicates the positioning of each step.

  1. Heading
  2. Contact information
  3. Professional Summary / Career Objective
  4. Work Experience
  5. Education and Certifications
  6. Key Skills
  7. Other Credentials
write a perfect resume in seven (7) simple steps.

How to write a resume in seven simple steps

  1. Heading

    Resume title or heading is the first thing would be seen by the recruiter during the screening process for a particular job. Your name and job category – write in bold letter on top of your resume. Confirm to the recruiter that you are a relevant candidate for the job.

  2. Contact information

    Two reasons why the contact information should be precise. One, many employers also want their employees from a particular distance or particular area of residence. Two, to contact you in case of interview communication or otherwise. Submitting authenticated contact information makes both the reasons easier for both the employer and an applicant.

  3. Professional Summary

    Professional summary is an easy way to explain to the hiring manager that what you are for the job. It gives the recruiter to dig deeper into your resume as soon as they found relevancy with the job application.

  4. Work Experience

    It’s all about your work experience what the recruiter is looking for. Write it in a manner the recruiter never miss it. Make it based on the job you apply rather than what you have done but never stuff fake things. Grab information from the job description and write your resume accordingly

  5. Education

    Education is one vital criterion the employer is looking for. For example, if you are applying for a graphic designer job, though you have enough on-the-job experience, the proper college degree or training from a reputed institution gives more value to your profile. If you are a candidate with just out from college, the educational details should be on top resume followed by profile summary. If you are an experienced candidate mark your education at the below of your resume

  6. Key Skills

    This portion is an added value to your resume. Recruiters don’t require a person to fill the vacant position but also need a person with skills in various respective. Highlight your key skills which can be a core technical competencies or personality traits. For example, if you are applying a Digital Marketing profile, mention the key technical skills of SEO expertise, SMO and Email Marketing. And, personality traits as a Team player, Interpersonal skills so on…

  7. Other Credentials

    This column states you are diversified candidacy. Write it in your resume, your professional achievements, recognition, testimonials, social participation, and personal strengths

Resume formats

Recruiters can easily screen your resume if your resume is written with the sparkling resume format. A professionally formatted resume possibly draws more job opportunities.  In the process of recruitment, everything counts and matters a lot. As writing a professional resume is a part of a job search, choosing a correct resume format is a part of appropriate resume writing.

There are three styles of resume formatting to tailor your job application based on the job requirement. It’s your option to choose the best fit as per the candidacy.

Three types of resume format

  1. Chronological Resume Format
  2. Functional Resume Format
  3. Combination Resume Format
Chronological Resume Format Functional Resume Format Combination Resume Format
Focused to emphasis your work experience Focused to emphasis your key skills and achievement in your profession Focus to emphasis both skills and work experience in chronological order.
States your work experience in reverse-chronological manner starts with current job and ends by last job in reverse order. Work history places to second priority, would be listed with work period. It is a combination of functional and chronological resume format. Nicely presents reverse chronological work experience and professional skills
Cover the key skills, work history, education and summary the same order Covers career objective or summary, education and work history. Highlights education, work history, career summary
Recommended for those would like to grow within the same profession or industry for a long term. Recommended for those with employment gaps and who wants to change career. Recommended for all sort of job seeker.
Best fit for the candidates with strong work history and track record in a particular profession Best fit for the candidates with impressive skill level with the desired profession Best fit for seasonal professional seeking particular job opportunity, career changer, fresh graduates, applicant with employment gaps
Suitable for those with the traditional industry background such as finance, engineering, HR, etc… entry level applicant and academic resumes Suitable for those with work history gaps but great skill level for example, computer program, graphic design, etc Suitable for those with impressive work experience in traditional profession (for example, HR, finance, engineering) and highly skilled in specific profession designing, programming, etc
Resume Writing Order Resume Writing Order Resume Writing Order
Heading Heading Heading
Contact Information Contact Information Contact Information
Summary / Objective Resume Objective Profile Summary
Work Experience Skills Key Skills
Education Experience Experience
Skills Education Education
Additional Information
Chronological Resume Format
Functional Resume Format
Combined Resume Format

Other important things to consider while writing a job-winning resume

Resume document type

Once you decided to apply for a job, you may get to wonder about the type of document file you might have to send. There are only two document types, MS word and PDF are universally accepted by the employer and even by most of the HR software tools. Word or PDF, It is always recommended to write your resume as per the requirement of the recruiter.

Resume Font

Your resume must have a professional look. Fonts are also playing a vital role in writing a quality resume. The following fonts are reasonable for a better resume look. The font size can be 11 to 12 pt for the body of resume and 14-16 pt for headings.

• Arial
• Bell MT
• Century Gothic
• Garamond
• Georgie
• Goudy Old Style
• Lucida Sans.
• Tahoma
• Times New Roman

Additional information

There are a few more standards to consider while resume writing.

  • Line space – 1.15 line spacing is considerable
  • Paragraph or Section Gap – Double the line space for each section or paragraph
  • Photo Attachment – Check the employer, consider attaching photo if they need one else to keep it blank.
  • Page margin – Set one inch for all four sides
  • Bullet points: Add more bullet points for important information such as key skills and accomplishments.
  • Pages – It is better to have a one-page resume or two

Resume Cover Letter

A resume cover letter is one significant factor to stand out your job application. A cover letter is also included in the process of resume writing but certain things are better considered while writing a noteworthy resume cover letter. Make sure the below features are added in your cover letter

• Opening greeting
• Mention the job position
• Write more about your suitability
• Call to action
• Size of the letter (Concise)
• Personalized letter
• Spelling and grammar
• Cover letter in the email body.

Sample Resume Cover letter

Resume Cover Letter for HR Manager Job


Javed and Co


Re: Job application for the position of HR Manager

Dear Mr. Danil,

I am scripting this letter to express my curiosity upon the opening that publicized on the Naukri job portal. I strongly consider that I am the proper fit for the position that is vacant at present with your organization. I possess all the essential qualifications and qualities that you stated in the job description.

I am holding a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management with top-grade distinction in the best business institute. I own strong people management ability, excellent verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.

I am a hardcore Human Resource professional with seven years of widespread experience in two fortune 500 companies. Mine has sound knowledge and experience with recruitment, training and development, legal compliance and payroll processes. I am capable of handling a large organization in an upright manner.

I am certain about my capabilities and that will make a possible contribution to your organization. Eagerly anticipating the opportunity for a personal interview to discuss more my eligibility for the applied position.

Best Regards,


Resume Writing Checklist

  • Check the resume is properly formatted (Chronological / Functional / Combination)
  • Verify resume contains all essentials such as job title, contact, summary, work experience, core competency, education and other info’s
  • Make sure the resume documented with either MS Word or PDF, not any other documents such as JPG, PNG…
  • Ensure the resume written by the appropriate font, size, line space, margin and bullet points
  • Confirm the resume is added with cover letter
  • Check the resume has one page or two not more than that
  • Review the spelling, grammar, sentence formation, etc…
Resume Writing

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