How to Write a Magnetizing Resume Objective or Career Objective (Categorized by Industry Specific)

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By the end of reading this article you will know how to write a perfect resume objective by using numerous resume objective samples included here.

Table of content
• Why resume objective is so important?
• What is Resume Objective?
• How to write a resume objective
• Simple Resume Objective for entry-level resume
• Sample Resume Objectives (Categorized by Industry Specific)
• Why resume objective is so important?

As soon as the job position is being advertised online or any other mode, the recruiter receives a pile of resumes in their inbox. Just for one vacancy, they may receive hundreds of resume or it may hit thousands sometimes. Now the deadline pressures the recruiters to secure the talent as quickly as possible.

Practically, they have no time or patience to read out each resume in the inbox. A glance at each resume helps to shortlist a suitable candidate. In this process, even an accurate candidate’s application may overlook to catch their eyes. In this state, resume objective plays a vital role to hold recruiter’s attention and go ahead in detailed scanning of a resume.

Assume you are in a library, looking for a book to choose randomly on a specific subject with no author or publisher defined. What do you see first is the front cover title and a short note about the book. Mostly, the recruiter’s first look on a resume would be in a similar fashion.

What is Resume Objective?

You as a product and your resume objective are like a brand statement of your ability. It is a short note about your unique selling points to which the hiring manager is looking for.

The resume objective is a brief introductory passage which needs to give a positive impression to hiring professional. Such away, they will dig deeper into your profile for further short listing of your candidature.

Typically, the motive is to induce the recruiter to read your resume in detail.

The example of the traditional resume objective

A resume objective can also be referred as following

• A resume objective
• A statement of resume objective
• A career objective

Sample of traditional resume objective:

“To secure a challenging position where I can utilize my knowledge and skills to benefit organizational objective”.

“To seek a significant position with the reputed organization and dedicate my professional skills at the maximum possible”

How to write a resume objective

  1. Where to positioning:

    Generally, the career objective should be placed at the top of your resume followed by name and contact details. Write it as a separate paragraph. Do not affiliate with any other paragraph.

  2. The size of the resume objective paragraph

    Short is good. Do not stuff too many details in the career objective itself. A maximum of three to four sentences is far enough.

  3. What needs to be included?

    The career objective is nothing but highlights of resume. It is to display what you are seeking is the same as the recruiter is looking for. Highlight your key skills, experience, training, and educational background.

  4. Resume objective or resume summary

    There is a talk within industry specialists as resume objective is outdated. Whereas, other experts say it is essential. Meanwhile, it has been recommended, the mixture of resume objective and resume summary is beneficial to the job seeker.

  5. Customized resume objective

    Recruiter’s easily found the way between generic career objectives and customized one made for the particular job application. If prepared aligned with job description and other essential requirements are most welcome.

  6. Write from the recruiter’s perspective

    Remember, it is not about what you know rather what the job needs from an applicant. There is no use of writing your expertise skills but think from the hiring manager’s perspective and write what they looking for

  7. Start with your strong characteristics

    Mention the characteristics that you are proud of which would also benefit the organization. For example, “Result-oriented professional”, “Self-driven” “team player”.

  8. Express your value addition to the organization

    One of the primary aspects the hiring authority is looking for is how you value the job and the company. This will increase the possibility to make your resume the best fit for the job role. For example, “my contribution will between the companies”.

Simple Resume Objective for entry-level resume

  • Looking for an entry-level position to kick-start employment in a superior professional background
  • Seeking a position with a reputable company, to infuse my formidable abilities for the betterment of self and the organization
  • A high efficient and hard-working professional seeking for a suitable position to apply my outstanding skills and knowledge
  • To develop my career with a world-class company
  • Self-motivated Business Management graduate seeking an opportunity as a Management Trainee at your esteemed organization. Aspiring to utilize my strong interpersonal skills to assist the organizational goals.
  • To get a career within my desired industry which will let my academic qualification and skills in a way that is equally useful to both my employer and me.

Sample Resume Objectives (Categorized by Industry Specific) 

Accounting & Finance Resume objective

High profile accounting and finance management professional seeking for a senior-level position with the company of repute. Holding an MBA (Finance and Accounts) with 15 years of experience on tax returns, administering payroll, controlling income and expenditure, profit and loss accounts, deal with insolvency analyzing accounts and business plans.
Currently seeking a leadership role to leverage my accounts management expertise for the benefit of the company.

• Advertising & Event Management Resume objective

Advertising manager with 7 years of experience drives profitable business with the industry. Sound knowledge on campaign facilitation; develop advertising strategies and complete projects before the deadline. Outstanding performance in project advancement, lead generation and team-leading abilities.
Presently on the lookout for a suitable managerial position with a reputed company that offers opportunities for progression into Advertising management.

• Automobile Resume objective

Dynamic automobile engineer with 4 years of experience as Floor In-charge. I possess a bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering from ABC University. Eager to find a similar opportunity at a reputed automobile industry.

• Banking Resume objective

An active individual seeking a mid-level position in the banking industry. A commerce graduate with bank management specialization has 4 years of experience in a similar field. Expertise in banking requirements such as client advice, processing payments and withdrawals and promoting banking services.

• BPO / Call Centre / ITES resume objective

Experienced and accomplished team leader in a large setup BPO with over 9 years of experience seeking a challenging position in a word class BPO sector. Proficient in customer service, target compliance, and team performance enhancement.

• Construction / Real estate Resume objective

An enthusiastic real estate professional ambitiously looking for a job opportunity to utilize my practical industrial knowledge of price negotiation, legal requirements, appraises property value, and sales promotions.

• Education / Teaching Resume objective

To build a lasting career as an educator in a position that offers a chance for professional growth, and to keep up with progressive teaching expertise. Utilize my knowledge for student growth together with skills and experience that will facilitate me to make advancement at school.

• Manufacturing Resume objective

An energetic Individual with strong technical expertise and problem-solving skills. Confident for a Manufacturing team leader position at GMS Machineries private limited. Carrying 5+ year’s operational experience and skills in service and maintenance team handling positions.

• FMCG / Foods / Beverage resume objective

A devoted FMCG Sales professional with 6 years of experience. Well versed in handling teams, vendors and channel associates. Owns first-rate market and regional facts in northern states. Decisively looking for a better opportunity to use my abilities to the company of repute.

• Insurance Resume objective

The competent individual with 7 years experiences managerial position in insurance sales. Seeking for a senior level position in pre and after-sales insurance domain. Employed with market-leader companies, the ability to develop marketing strategies and promote all new insurance in the company.

• Digital Marketing Resume objective

An accomplished digital marketing manager with 11 extensive years of professional service with various top-notch companies. The broad range of skill set in digital marketing tools includes but not limited to a marketing database, email, advertising campaign, SEO and social media platforms. Willing to take up new challenges in a high profile environment.

• IT-Software / Software Services Resume objective

An outstanding performer with a proven track record in the Python development domain. A widespread 4 years of experience in writing and testing code, program debugging, application integration. Hands-on experience with server-side logic and solving issues.

• Media / Entertainment (Leadership position) Resume objective

Highly motivated professional with a demonstrated background in Media and Entertainment sector. Holding a straight forward 18 years of experience with detailed knowledge on industry essentials. Positive attitude and high level of leadership traits to carry the business into the next level. Anticipating the challenging leadership role to elevate my employer as a market leader.

• Healthcare and medical Resume objective

Bachelor’s degree in health care stream with 2 years of passionate work experience at the reputed hospital. Acquiring a job opportunity in the healthcare unit with excellent patient relationships and capacity to work with a team to provide medical service by using educational qualifications and other skills.

• Recruitment / Staffing resume objective

A dedicated recruitment professional with 12 years of overall experience in various verticals. Handled mass recruitment programs, campus interviews on IT and ITES domain. Expertise in IT Technical recruitment and US recruitment.

• Restaurants / Travel / Hotels resume objective

A committed professional with 15 years of rich experience in hotel management. Serving as a Senior Manager in seven-star hotel capacity. Individually managing four hotel units with a team strength of 250+. Accredited with hotel management bachelor’s degree along with other relevant certificate courses.

• Business Analyst Resume objective

A passionate business analyst expertise in market analysis, financial modeling, variance analysis, pricing, and product analysis. Seven widespread experience in data quality metrics, operational modeling, forecasting, and budgeting. Strong technology and communication skills to bring new profitable business opportunities.

• Java Developer Resume objective

Determined and energetic individual with 4 years of specialized experience in Java programming and development. Working knowledge on designing and implementing Java-based applications, developing and testing software, debugging and change analysis in java infrastructure. Holding a professional computer science degree and java programming certification.

Pharmacist resume objective Resume objective

Looking for a pharmacist position at a renowned pharmaceutical industry. Carrying strong customer service expertise and a good understanding of a range of prescription drugs. Well versed in Organizing, delivering, stocking and labeling of the pharmacy products. A clear understanding of medical brands, dosage, chemical compounds, etc. Excellent communication and MS office and pharmacy information system.

• Customer Relation resume objective

A successful customer relations manager with 9 years of a profound experience. Deep knowledge of resolving a customer complaint, expanding customer volume and ensuring the customers are happy about the product. Obtain a customer relation managerial position at a well-established firm where I can utilize my hardcore customer relations experiences.

• Graphic Design Resume objective

A proficient graphic designer with demonstrated 6 years of graphic designing industry experience. In-depth knowledge and skills in designing brochures, websites, magazines, logos, etc by using computer or hand tools. Diploma in Graphic designing and hand-on experience with illustrator, Photoshop and other graphical tools.

Human Resources Resume objective

A devoted human resources professional with 15 dedicated years of experience seeking a senior level position in the gamut of human resources profile. Outstanding skills over people management, conflict management, employee motivation to productivity enhancement. Prolific knowledge of compensation plans, benefits programs, talent acquisition, performance management system, etc.

• Social media manager

An organized social media manager with a high level of leadership qualities to manage the team. Expertise to manage all social media platforms and responsible to delegate duties, monitor analytics, client interaction, facilitate campaigns, etc. A professional degree in communication seeking a similar or higher-level position in the company of repute.

resume objective or career objective

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The majority of the resumes begin with an unclear and pointless objective for example,

“Objective: To achieve a top managerial level place in Accounting, Finance, and Internal Audit.
One more real vague example: Objective: looking for a position where my ability, education, and knowledge can be fully making use of”.

During your job search resume plays the first role in which the effective resume objective creates curiosity at first look. The resume objective statement makes the recruiter walk through your resume in detail. The aforementioned guidelines and sample career objectives help you to design a job-winning objective statement.

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